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Excel Training

Public & On-site Courses

We offer a multitude of ways to improve your Excel and Financial Modelling skills. All our trainers are highly skilled and Chartered Accountants at minimum.

Course topics include Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Excel, as well as various Financial Modelling courses.

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Over 15 Years of Experience

Our consultants thrive on solving problems either via Excel or Excel related products.

With over 15 years' experience we have a broad range of industry knowledge and have assisted clients with operational and financial models. From automating management accounts to building decision models, feasibilities and business plans we have done it all. Our client list below speaks for itself.

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Products & Add-ins

Software & Free Tools

We make available a number of Excel related products to address shortcomings in business processes.

Included in the products is Spreadsheet Auditing software, Pdf to Excel conversions, and Excel Templates for various situations.

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Write paragraphs in excel 2013
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Write paragraphs in excel 2013

How to write paragraphs in Excel to mimic the way MS Word handles text.

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