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Blog entries covering the latest Excel tricks and tips based on queries from clients and practical knowledge from our consultants.

Repeat pivot table row labels January 17, 2017

When using a Excel you may need to/ want to repeat pivot table row labels. Some of the reasons you may want to do this are that you plan to copy and paste the pivot table into another sheet to sort or filter and you need the blanks filled in (see here how to manually do this quickly), or the sheet is very long and as you scroll down you can't remember what section you are looking at

Drop down list then Excel lookup January 17, 2017

A common requirement in spreadsheet work is to create a drop down list in Excel and based on the chosen item, lookup another item. The way to do this would involve a tool and a formula. The tool will be the Data Validation tool and the formula that will help is the VLOOKUP formula

Get a pdf to Word and Excel January 10, 2017

A new version (v11) of Able2Extract's PDF conversion software is now available. Last year in February we reviewed version 10 and showed how it helps with our focus area of converting PDF's into USABLE Excel documents. Although our focus is Excel, we have also looked a bit at working with PDF's and with pdf to Word as well as pdf to Excel conversions.

Annual Planning Calendar in Excel December 13, 2016

As a Christmas gift we have provided an Annual Planning Calendar to our loyal subscribers. The calendar allows you to capture up to 5 events per day in portrait style and then print out any section of the dates in calendar style (days of week left to right with the appropriate date). Some high level instructions for the tool.

Move and insert an Excel column (quickly) December 12, 2016

Have you ever needed to move AND insert an Excel column quickly. If you are trying to move it to a place that already has information you first need to insert a column otherwise it wants to overwrite the information. The place it moved from will also have a blank column which you may want to delete.


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