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Your Personal MS Excel Skills Report (see where you are strong and weak in MS Excel and compare to your friends. You can redo it to improve your score or see how our courses have helped you. If you haven’t already done it, try it out.)

Leading zeros disappearing from csvs

When using CSV files you may find that the CSV’s are losing leading zeros when you open them. This is happening because Excel is assuming that if it is a number, it cannot having leading zeros so it just removes them.

Live/ virtual advanced Excel- 9-11 Nov 2020 (See Contents)

Upcoming Public Live and Virtual MS Excel Courses

2021 Training dates and prices for your budget planning

2021 dates for our MS Excel training courses. These dates are for the public live and virtual Excel courses for Johannesburg and Cape Town (for the live- virtual can attend from anywhere).

Core MS Excel Skills

Learn about the 4 core skills you need in MS Excel to succeed.

Financial Modelling with detailed debt

An example of  recent consulting jobs we have completed.

Intermediate to Advanced MS Excel course

Our featured online Excel course. Lifetime access, with skills assessment which allows you to match to the correct course.

Only print the chart in Excel

When working in Excel and using the brilliant graphs and charts, you will occasionally want to see only the chart. The best way is to print this. But how can you only print the graph in Excel without all the other information.

Feedback from recent MS Excel courses

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