Basic Excel Training

Do You Need Basic Excel Training?

Everybody knows that nowadays it is essential to be computer literate, not only for work purposes, but also for personal use.  Most households use programmes to manage their budget, to speak to friends and family on video, to send emails and to do research or play games online.  We are connected to technology through our phones, our tablets, our TVs and our computers, and these gadgets have become essential communication and life tools.  Most people feel lost without technology and find it hard to manage their lives or jobs without their computers or mobile phones.  The same goes for our working lives.

Most employers require their staff to be computer literate, even for jobs that were traditionally manual, such as forklift drivers or site staff, as they may be required to record stock or materials on computer.  Most employees are also required to have some basic spreadsheet skills, and it is recommended by employers that jobseekers do, at the very least, basic Excel training if they have no spreadsheet skills.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Excel? If you prefer attending a course and live in South Africa look at the Johannesburg MS Excel 3 Day Advanced Course  or the Cape Town MS Excel 3 Day Advanced training course. If you prefer online learning or live outside South Africa, look at our online MS Excel training courses.

Excel is the most used spreadsheet package used in companies and individuals today, and it comes as a standard part of the Microsoft Office suite.  The software contains a lot of functions which allow users of the programme to manipulate data and numbers, and even databases can be set up and macros written in order to automate certain functions.  The latest version of the software is very user-friendly and easy to learn, even for those who are not extremely computer savvy.

Contrary to what some people may believe, Excel is not only used for numbers but data such as names, addresses and statuses can also be managed, stored or manipulated with this software, and it even possesses mail merge functionalities.  It therefore makes it an almost indispensable skill for a person to have, whether for home use or for work.

For those who have never used this programme, or those who worked on an old version of Excel, or those who want to update rusty skills, basic Excel training at a reputable training provider is advised.  There are various ways in which training can be delivered and course attendees can choose the medium which suits them the best.  Scheduled courses are usually classroom style courses that cover a particular set of topics, and use instructors to explain concepts clearly to the attendees.  Tailor made courses can also be designed in some cases, especially for companies where there are a number of people who need particular skills to perform their jobs.

There are also various types of online courses available which will allow training to take place at home and at a suitable pace.  Video tutorials reinforce what has already been taught, and most of the tutorials are free.  They are very useful as the user can select the tutorials that will teach them the skills they need and can replay these if they do not understand what should be done.  It is also possible to stop the video and to practise what is being taught in Excel, before continuing on with the next steps.  Most individuals opt for the scheduled or online courses as these are more affordable than custom made instructor based courses, but these may in some cases be cheaper for a company to run, depending on the skills required and the number of attendees.

Whatever the situation, if you want to improve your computer literacy, one of the best packages to learn in order to make you marketable is MS Excel.  We provide outstanding basic Excel training, and you can choose whether to do the course online in the comfort of your home, or to do a scheduled course.  Check out the free tutorials on our website and contact us to book your basic Excel course today!