Euro 2024 Knockout Results


Overwrite/ Calculate    Team A   Team B 
    Last 16Switzerland(10)20Italy(7) 
    Last 16Germany(9)20Denmark(11) 
    Last 16England(2)21Slovakia(21) 
    Last 16Spain(6)41Georgia(24) 
    Last 16France(1)10Belgium(3) 
    Last 16Portugal(5)10Slovenia(22) 
    Last 16Austria(13)12Turkey(18) 
    Last 16Romania(20)03Netherlands(4) 
NOTE: To see if the spreadsheet   Quarter FinalPortugal(5)0 1France(1) 
is updating, you mustn’t look in this   Quarter FinalSpain(6)2 1Germany(9) 
sheet but rather in the MasterFile sheet.   Quarter FinalEngland(2)2 1Switzerland(10) 
This sheet is just for the internet link.   Quarter FinalNetherlands(4)2 1Turkey(18) 
The MasterFile is where all the          
calculations happen.   Semi Final-Spain(6)2 1France(1) 
    Semi Final- Netherlands(4)1 2England(2) 
    Third Place     
    FinalSpain(6)2 1England(2)