Excel 2013 Courses

Dynamic Excel 2013 Courses for Business Success

There is a wide range of software options available for dealing with financial control, numbers and spreadsheets, but the most widely used software still remains Microsoft Excel.  It is a highly effective programme for the management of any kind of numeric function, be it finance, research figures or sales targets.    If your company is using this product, are you confident that you or your staff members are using it correctly?  Are you able to complement and enhance your business processes with the full functionality of this software?  Are your staff members trained on the functions which are most suited to your business processes and requirements?  If you have doubts about any of these questions, it could be time that you or your staff do some Excel 2013 courses.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Excel? If you prefer attending a course and live in South Africa look at the Johannesburg MS Excel 3 Day Advanced Course  or the Cape Town MS Excel 3 Day Advanced training course. If you prefer online learning or live outside South Africa, look at our online MS Excel training courses.

We give you a choice of courses and instruction:

  1. Scheduled face to face instructor led training:We regularly run public courses on a pre-set programme, which is published on our website.  Our scheduled courses are guaranteed to run, even if we have only one attendee, so there is no rescheduling or inconvenience to your company.  The advantages of doing these courses are that they give solid background knowledge of the software.  It is indeed impossible to learn the entire scope of functions within the time constraints of an instructor lead course.  It is recommended that basic Excel users attend one of these courses which aim to improve existing skills and impart a broader knowledge of the product.  Once the basics are comprehended, the rest falls into place a lot easier, and the user can move to an advanced level much easier.  Courses are aimed at various levels of use, ranging from beginner to Advanced.  Our instructors are professional Excel users and trainers with years of experience, and are also able to explain difficult concepts in a manner which is easy to understand, making the learning process easier.  Training manuals and visual materials on CD is provided for attendees to take home.
  2. Customised in-house instructor led training:  These Excel 2013 courses are designed specifically for your business and will cater specifically for your business needs.  For instance, if you need advanced bookkeeping functions, or only need to follow sales targets accurately, predict trends or draw effective visual graphics, this option could be best for your business.  We focus only on the areas and functions of the programme which will enhance your business performance, and we use live examples pertaining to your business.  This will allow your trainees to relate better to the information provided and ultimately result in better knowledge transfer.  In turn this will translate into better business performance.  Our instructors will come to your offices or we can arrange for the course to take place at our convenient training rooms which are specifically designed for training and learning.
  3. Online training:  If a scheduled or instructor led course is inconvenient for you, then you are welcome to do one of our extremely effective online training courses at your own pace and in any location where you have internet functionality.  The courses run in modules and learners are tested at the end of each module.  An assessment can be performed in order to attain a certificate of competency in the modules chosen.  This is a very good option for remote workers or those working from home.
  4. Live online training modules:  We also do live sessions online, and offer free webinars on Excel 2013 which also take place on a scheduled basis.  Refer to our website for the dates and information on these live events.
  5. Free training modules on our website:  We have various small video based modules which range from three to seven minutes each.  You are welcome to do any of these at any time it suits you.

In order to ensure that users attend the correct courses, we have an assessment available which will determine skill levels before a course is booked.  This allows the attendee to be in a group which will benefit them the most, and where attendees of various skill levels are grouped together.  This eliminates beginners becoming frustrated with advanced concepts, or advanced users not learning anything in a basic class.  The assessment can be performed online from anywhere, at any time, and it is free.  It is available on the Training page of this website.

From beginner to advanced levels, we provide effective Excel 2013 courses, and if you feel dissatisfied with the course, we will refund your money!  Contact us or consult the training page on our website today for more information.