Excel Automatic Sort

Excel automatic sort is an important tool… with Excel you’re going to have to sort out data many times, be it a few entries or hundreds of entries.

Let’s look at what you should do, remembering that for any help, there is always us at AuditExcel, so you certainly don’t need to feel frustrated or feel like giving up. Automatic sort in Excel is very handy and saves you time.

  • Open Excel onto a blank worksheet and enter the data into a column, for instance column A.
  • Type some numbers in the rows, but not in numerical order, and watch how Excel automatic sort, sorts for you.
  • Click on the column A that you started on and you will see the whole column of numbers that you typed in, is highlighted.
  • Look at the top of your spreadsheet to see the “Data” menu option and click it.
  • When you click that data button a sub-menu will pop up and you will click on “sort”.
  • A window will ask you on the sorting option but as the default is already set for this you just click OK.  Look at your data and you will see it has been automatically sorted.
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Numeric values:

Numeric values, including things like date and time are sorted from lowest to highest.
Excel automatic sort doesn’t consider the format of the cell, only its contents. Date and time are sorted by their numeric values.


Text is sorted first by ASCII characters, such as *, (,),  and then by letters of the alphabet. Uppercase text is sorted before lowercase text. To sort using case sensitivity: from the Data menu, select Sort, then Options, and then select the Case Sensitive option.

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