Excel for Dummies

Microsoft Office Excel for Dummies is a book written by Greg Harvey. As indicated by the title, the book is an introductory guide to Microsoft’s spreadsheet program. It teaches novices to build and format Excel spreadsheets, integrate spreadsheets with Web documents (and other Office applications) and analyse and sort data.

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Excel for Dummies is the definitive Excel guide and the latest edition has been totally rewritten to reflect the extensive changes in MS Excel 2007. Some of these changes include the redesign of the user interface, now emphasising tasks and sporting more extensive use of graphics. New, too, are the Quick Access Toolbar, the Office Button and the Ribbon.

It starts with the basic and fundamental operations of creating worksheets from scratch and editing them, the creation and editing of charts, inserting graphs, entering formulas, adding hyperlinks to worksheets, using Seek and Find, designing database forms and streamlined document searching. It also demonstrates how to save a worksheet as a Web page and how to e-mail one. It continually emphasises the most efficient and user-friendly way to get things done.

The book has six main parts. The first deals with getting familiar with Excel 2007 and creating your first worksheet. The rest deals with, among others, editing worksheets, getting well organised and data analysis. The reader is guided through common operations like printing the worksheet, and maintaining multiple worksheets. Other skills taught are what-if analyses, transferring data between worksheets from different workbooks and working with Pivot Tables. Charts, graphics, macros and hyperlinks are also dealt with in some detail.

Excel for Dummies has been revised to include numerous full-colour plates in the book’s centre section to illustrate exactly what you will see on the screen as you work. Use it as a reference to solve certain problems or read it in detail to familiarise yourself with Excel.