Excel for Engineers

Excel for Engineers

Excel for engineersOne of the key issues when considering Excel for engineers is the possible uses engineers have for Excel. Excel is often seen as a business or financial tool but it is also a powerful and versatile tool that can be used for a wide variety of engineering functions and numerical analysis (rumor has it that spreadsheets are used for the space shuttle program).

One of the key benefits is bringing engineering and financial information together. Engineers can use Excel for planning, estimation and management applications. Engineers can set up data bases and pivot tables to produce easy to understand reports and charts. These same reports and charts make life easy for the engineer giving a presentation and trying to get a message across.

Excel enables the clean up of large volumes of data (whether financial or from hardware) quickly.

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Spreadsheets enables an Engineer to take control of financial data and put it in an easy to understand format to enable productive, efficient and practical decision making.

Using graphs and charts aid engineers in analysing and predicting trends. Excel’s macros and formulas make the engineers time use more efficient and there is the elimination of the time wasted on endless repetition of operations on spreadsheets.

Excel contains dozens of built in functions and graphic modules that make it possible to develop powerful applications to solve technical problems. For example, electrical engineers can calculate cable size, do calculations on various section of circuit breakers and voltage drops among many other functions. Mechanical engineers can use Excel to analyse railway vehicles and construction equipment.

Students can also benefit from excel for engineers in order to have a good grasp on the capabilities of spreadsheets for their studies. Excel makes mathematics easy to understand in the rows and columns of a spreadsheet. Algebra and Calculus – both necessary mathematical tools in engineering studies can be more easily understood with the aid of a spreadsheet.