Excel Spreadsheet Sharing Answers

Some of the frequently asked questions about Excel spreadsheet sharing are answered below.

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Is Excel spreadsheet sharing only possible over a local network or can it also be done via the Internet?

It is possible to also share your workbooks and specific spreadsheets via the Internet and email. By making use of the Google spreadsheets option you can upload an existing Excel workbook to the Internet and make it accessible to a user group.

What exactly is Excel spreadsheet sharing?

It is a feature that allows multiple users to access and work in a specific worksheet or workbook at the same time.

What are the advantages?

Time saving is definitely an advantage, but so also is the ability to track changes and to protect specific formulas against accidental changes. In addition it also allows for the setting of access levels and authorization for changes.

How do I share a workbook with other users over a network?

Create the workbook and then load it to the network location where other users will be able to access and use it. From the menu bar you will select Share Workbook under the Tools option. A dialog box will open and you can then select allow changes by clicking in the checkbox. Confirm by clicking OK.

Can I set limits?

Yes, make use of the advanced tab to set limits and select one of the options available in the dialog box such as how many days to keep changes in history etc.

Where can I find more information?

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