Excel Spreadsheet Training

Dynamic Excel Spreadsheet Training for Your Business

There are many systems on the market which deals with numbers and financial control, but Microsoft Excel is by far the most widely used software for this purposes.  Not only it is an invaluable tool for managing finances, it can also perform various other functions which could benefit your business tremendously.  It is therefore essential that you update your computer skills by receiving Excel spreadsheet training.

Our courses are designed to teach the features of Excel which will be most beneficial to the business area, and our consultants can often design a course specifically to suit particular business needs.  There are so many functions in this software that it is impossible to teach all of them in one course, and it is therefore necessary to concentrate on learning the most valuable essentials and to know them well.  Once a good base knowledge of spreadsheets has been accumulated and some experience gained with the software, then another course can be completed for a more in-depth knowledge of the package.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Excel? If you prefer attending a course and live in South Africa look at the Johannesburg MS Excel 3 Day Advanced Course  or the Cape Town MS Excel 3 Day Advanced training course. If you prefer online learning or live outside South Africa, look at our online MS Excel training courses.

There are many providers on the market and it is quite often difficult to decide who to choose for your particular needs.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not just another training company, and we set ourselves apart from the others in a few ways:

  • We run our courses on the dates scheduled, and not when it suits us.  This means that even when we do not have enough delegates in a course, we will still run the course.  No more last minute cancellations and changes in schedule which interferes with your business day and staffing needs!
  • We refund your money if you are not happy with the course.  If you feel that you did not gather enough knowledge during any session that you attend, we will refund your money without quibbling.
  • Our trainers and consultants are well trained on their subject matter and are all advanced users of the programme.  They are also trained on the art of presenting, motivating, and explaining difficult concepts.  They are professional, have had many years in the industry and will no doubt be able to present a solution to any spreadsheet queries you many have.
  • Before you do a course, we ask you to perform an assessment in order to determine the existing knowledge level of the delegates.  This allows us to provide instruction in the correct level for the delegates.  We strive to keep the courses on an even level and prevent delegates with advanced level knowledge to be in a beginner group. It can be extremely non-productive to be in a class where there are obvious differences in knowledge levels.  The trainer often battles to keep advanced users stimulated with the Excel spreadsheet training while answering basic questions of the beginners.  Basic learners can also get frustrated if they cannot understand the materials when it is pitched at a level which is too advanced.
  • After the course, you not only get to keep the manuals and materials used in class, but you also received aninstructive CD which contains video clips of the topics covered in the course.
  • If you book us for an in-house course, we can customise our exercises and materials to the needs of your specific company, and customise the design of the course to suit your business needs.
  • Our courses can be done at your offices when it suits you or at our venue during scheduled sessions.  You also have the freedom of online learning if that suits you better.

Regardless of the nature of your Excel spreadsheet training needs, we can help.  We strive to impart the knowledge required to benefit the client.  We also offer outstanding consulting and auditing services to make businesses run more smoothly.  Call us for more information.