Excel Tutorial Videos

The Advantages of using Excel Tutorial Videos

There is no denying that Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful computer programmes on the market, and knowing how to use it is almost essential nowadays.  Not only does it provide the perfect platform for spreadsheets and numbers, it can also function as a database programme.  In addition, it has graphic design tools which allow the user to do almost anything – from the budget at home to the distribution and mail merge of multiple messages through an email programme.  There are many functions one can use for a wide range of calculations, and some of these can be a little tricky to learn from a book and it is usually recommended that courses are attended for the best results and for the best potential skills transfer from the lecturer to the learner.  Sometimes it is not possible to attend a course, however, and in these cases Excel tutorial videos can come in very handy.

Excel courses are presented in a wide range of media, making it easier and more convenient for different learning styles and personal circumstances.  Some people function better in a classroom setup and find the proximity to the instructor useful, as questions can be asked and answered concisely.  Other people prefer the freedom and flexibility of doing an online course – they may prefer to do their learning in small chunks and allow time to practice and perfect their new skills before moving on to the next module.

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Generally, online courses are divided into modules or lessons that cover only certain topics on functions, and in some cases learners can choose which functions or chapters are most applicable to their Excel uses and requirements.  Scheduled instructor led courses are in a standard format and a wide range of topics are covered, and as a result the learner may have to spend money on covering topics which they do not need.  Of course, any additional knowledge of Excel is a bonus, but only if the essential topics for that person has been covered adequately, and sometimes this may not be the case.

When learning through online media, the user is left to work through the course at their own pace after choosing the modules that they would like to learn. The absence of an instructor who can interact with the course attendee and explain concepts may, however, sometimes leave the course attendee feeling a bit lost.  In these cases, Excel tutorial videos are a great help.

The videos usually offer various ways of presenting a topic – from a video of an instructor, to online presentations, demonstrating the functions step by step for the user to better understand what is being done.  The user is also given a form of human interaction through an online presenter who explains what is to be done, and quite often the presence of a human being, whether it is online or in person, can better transfer knowledge and offer better perception for the user.  Difficult concepts can be explained clearly in language that the user understands, thereby making learning more effective.  For instance, pivot tables can be a hard concept to explain on paper, and reading about it may not always allow the user to absorb the concept very well.  When a person explains it, it may allow the user to grasp the concept quicker.

Another advantage of the Excel tutorial videos is that the user can choose to do only the topics that they choose, wherever they want, and they are not forced to cover topics which are not applicable to them.  For instance, not everyone wants to learn about pivot tables, and then they can just skip this module in their learning suite online.

Another great advantage is that the clips can be watched as often as needed.  If the concept is not clearly understood the first time round, then it is possible to watch the clip as many times as needed.  The video can also be stopped where needed, which allows the learner to follow the steps on his or her computer, while the video waits in the background.  The clips are also usually quite short, between six and twelve minutes, which prevents the user becoming bored with additional info as they would in an instructor led course.  Clips can be downloaded or watched online, and sometimes the clips are even free!

In order to take full advantage of the advantages of Excel tutorial videos, it is recommended that you contact us for information on our wide range of videos which cover many topics.  View our videos page today for some samples.