Financial Planning

Financial planning

Microsoft Excel 2016 makes financial planning a breeze even for novice users through its interactive fluent user interface. The software takes many of the difficult and complex calculations off the hands of users. Whether you are the economist of your company, a business entrepreneur, insurance consultant, investment broker or just need to do your own financial planning and retirement budgeting, you will benefit from the use of Excel 2016.

In addition you can make use of Audit Excel; the company specializing in Excel solutions whether it is training, free guidance and assistance, or highly effective solutions for individuals, business owners or large corporations, Audit Excel has a specialist team for your specific Excel needs.

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What makes Excel so special?

The first and foremost reason is that of user friendliness. Unlike many spreadsheet solutions that are not geared towards a wide spectrum of users, Excel includes several features such as a user friendly interface and help functions to ensure that users on all levels can benefit from the package.

Professional presentation of results and data is possible. Home users will be delighted with the ease of use that makes it possible to provide presentations that will look like an accounting or auditing firm completed the records.

Professionals also benefit from the ability to perform complex calculations and then present the financial planning analysis in a well polished format, complete with the ability to add colour and visual attractiveness through 3D applications.

Another feature that makes it the perfect package for any accounting is the ability to import large amounts of data. This not only saves time when it comes to inputting the data, but also provides the ability to use external information in spreadsheets. Financial planning can now be done in a fraction of the time it would have taken normally. It is also more cost effective to use Excel than getting a professional to write a software program specifically for your company. With regular updates and support from companies such as Audit Excel you don’t have to make a large capital lay-out to get a program if you can use Excel with its high compatibility with other software.

The Excel SharePoint 2007 Server also enables users to share the data with clients and users offsite through the use of the Internet as platform. If confidentiality is a concern, you can set permissions to allow restricted access to information and restricting changes that can be made. This feature is especially useful when more than one person needs to work on a project or data. The latest or most current version will be displayed.

Cash flow forecasts and trend assessments are made easy through highlighting features. Easy navigation – for instance the ability to keep the headings in sight when you scroll down the page of data ensures that you don’t get lost in a maze of data. A find function helps to locate specific entries.

Whether you need a financial planning package for corporate reports, business plans, developing new structures, doing retirement projections or investment analysis, the Office Excel 2016 software package will amaze you. For help and powerful solutions contact Audit Excel; your experts in spreadsheet solutions.