Historical Overview of Spreadsheet Development

The history of spreadsheet development began with Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston back in 1978. While they may have invented the worksheet, it was almost a decade before Bill Gates came along with the idea of Microsoft Excel. Still the most widely used worksheet program, Excel is not easy to use if you don’t understand the basics. The experts at Miricle Solutions can help to meet your Excel training needs.

While most people in business know what a worksheet is, spreadsheet development was created by those who first began to use the worksheets for business data input. Before the use of computer, the worksheets were filled out by hand in rows and columns on a large sheet of paper. Worksheets come in handy when a business is keeping track of income, expenses, and other financial information that will aid in filing taxes and keeping track of how the business is running.

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By 1989 Excel was on the market, being the flagship product for Windows 3.0. It was the only spreadsheet development for a quite a few years. This gave Excel the advantage over any Windows based worksheet software that came afterwards. Even today, Excel is a difficult program to use without proper training and most people that use it need to get lessons to take full advantage of the advanced built-in functions offered by Excel. If you take the time to learn it, it will become an essential tool in your business management. Lessons for Excel are available in several formats at the Audit Excel and Miricle Solutions websites and through in-house training courses. Browse the training section for an overview and contact the Miricle Solutions experts to book advanced courses or get help with your spreadsheet development.