Learn Advanced Excel

Here at Audit Excel we are specialists in offering expert training courses for you to learn Advanced Excel. As part of our Advanced Excel training you will gain the necessary knowledge required for the efficient of the tools and other exciting extras which this outstanding software has to offer, and so ensure your optimum use of Excel. In turn, to learn Advanced Excel through us means that you will go from being a meager novice to an expert user in just a couple of days.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Excel? If you prefer attending a course and live in South Africa look at the Johannesburg MS Excel 3 Day Advanced Course  or the Cape Town MS Excel 3 Day Advanced training course. If you prefer online learning or live outside South Africa, look at our online MS Excel training courses.

There are many features which Advanced Excel has to offer to its user. The in depth training which we give to you in order to learn Advanced Excel as such focuses on each and every feature and tool included in this supreme software. Audit Excel training leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making sure that you learn the Advanced Excel software effectively and efficiently. In this way you will have the capabilities and required knowledge to really unleash the great power of Advanced Excel once you have made use of the Advanced Excel training courses which we provide.

Learn the Basics of Advanced Excel

So, to learn Advanced Excel appropriately, the training which is given covers the more advanced aspects of the software which includes:

  • Formulas and outlines
  • Manipulating data
  • Data-in data-out
  • Workbooks
  • Conditional formatting
  • Templates
  • Advanced Options
  • Macros and customizations

The Highlights of Learning Advanced Excel through Audit Excel

The training which Audit Excel makes available for the efficient learning of Advanced Excel is extremely popular among those looking to gain the necessary knowledge to make great use of this software, by learning all its ins and outs. Some of the highlights of this training given to learn Advanced Excel has been described by many of the ex-attendees as gaining the capabilities to perform the following functions:

  • Manipulate information in Pivot Tables
  • Use the Subtotal function for ease of creating totals
  • Edit with cut, copy & paste – advanced data exchange in Windows – the best tricks and techniques
  • Build database queries
  • Create and use Web queries
  • Use VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP to deal with information in tables
  • Program Excel macros
  • Validate data
  • Work with array formulas
  • Use Excel newsgroups for support
  • Use string arithmetic
  • Encrypt worksheet files for security
  • Format with zeros rather than dashes when using the accounting format and other options
  • Use Information Rights Management to Secure Your Data
  • Use custom number format to label your totals
  • Use advanced sum formulas – SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF, etc.
  • Save time with Excel keystroke shortcuts (hot keys) – summarized in an

With Audit Excel, learning Advanced Excel is quick and easy. So, if you are looking for the best training to really get to know and appropriately learn Advanced Excel, there is no-one else that you should consider than Audit Excel. With the required as well as additional knowledge in this software we are experts in Advanced Excel, and you are sure thus sure to leave with the overall insight needed to work with Audit Excel like a pro.