Microsoft Excel Training

What Type of Microsoft Excel Training Course Suits You?

Most people know how to use Excel to some degree, and you may feel like a complete dinosaur if you still haven’t grasped the basics of using this programme.  Perhaps you have worked in a field where you did not need it or it could be that you used other software to perform your tasks, maybe you are familiar only with very old versions of the programme?  Perhaps your knowledge is just rather rusty and you want to upskill – whatever the reason you can get all the Excel skills required if you attend Microsoft Excel training.  This will give you confidence in using the programme and allow you to perform certain tasks almost effortlessly!

Want to learn more about Microsoft Excel? If you prefer attending a course and live in South Africa look at the Johannesburg MS Excel 3 Day Advanced Course  or the Cape Town MS Excel 3 Day Advanced training course. If you prefer online learning or live outside South Africa, look at our online MS Excel training courses.

Most businesses need some form of spreadsheet software, and a lot of people use it at home for budgeting purposes, so it is definitely advantageous to be able to use this package effectively.  Many training companies offer great courses which will teach all the functions you need to know.  Now you just have to decide on the type of training you need by choosing from an online or instructor led course.  And if you choose instructor led course, do you attend a public course or a customised course?

If you are paying for the course yourself and doing it in your own time, then you have a few options.  A scheduled public instructor led course will be cheaper than a customised one, and you will be able to choose a date and time that suits you.  If you prefer to do the course at home, or in small chunks, or at times that suit you, then an online course could be best.  However some people find that they learn better with an instructor in the room who can answer questions or help with problems.  Classroom based courses also force the learner to concentrate fully for a period of time, and skills transfer may be improved as a result.

If you have transport problems, need to be at home with children or just perform better when you learn by yourself, then the online Microsoft Excel training would suit you better.  Courses are presented in modules and you can work through these at your own pace.  When you have worked through the modules, an assessment will usually be done online which will produce your course certificate or qualification.

If your company is paying and there are a number of people who need training, then a custom course may be an option.  These courses are usually scheduled at your convenience and can sometimes even be spread across a certain period of time in order to avoid taking employees away from work for a continuous stretch of time.  Instructors will present these courses either at their own premises or at your offices.  Even though it is convenient to have the course at the office, it is crucial that all the equipment required for an effective course is present.  If there is a lack of computers, no projector, or very little space, your training provider will probably recommend that you do the training at their venues which are specifically designed for training.

Where specialised skills are required, a training consultant can analyse exactly what functions to cover and use actual company case studies in order to teach only the essential skills.  This ensures that the entire session is dedicated to teaching employees only the crucial skills for their jobs, and no time is wasted on teaching topics that may not be useful.  Employees leave the course knowing how to perform their specific tasks better, and are more effective as a result!

Miricle Solutions offer all the described types of Microsoft Excel training.  Find one that suits you, and once you have decided on the type of training that suits you, please contact us to book your course.