MS Excel Virtual Public Course 8-10 June, Week 10 lessons-Formulas continued

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Virtual MS Excel Training- Public Course 8-10  June

We are running our next public course (8-10 June) as a virtual course. If you have staff you want to train up they will be able to do the full course from home with a presenter guiding them!

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If you want to run the courses virtually but in house, see below the other options

Please forward this to your training department and contact us for more information (email request for more info )

Live MS Excel Courses

With the lockdown rules changing we hope to be running live soon, but in the meantime all public courses will be available virtually and from anywhere in the world!



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Now, more than ever, you need to work smarter but without massive outlays on software. MS Excel is the solution.

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  • Facebook– First Non Zero Value
  • Twitter– resize all columns to fit text in excel
  • Instagram– Make the cursor start on the same cell in each sheet
  • LinkedIn– Limit text length in Excel for ID and passport numbers
  • YouTube– IF not working with true and false in excel

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Online Intermediate Course- Week 10 lessons

With the lockdown slowing down this will be the last week of the lessons opened up. If you want to complete the course email us and we will make a plan.

The lessons will only be available for the next 7 days. The week after, new lessons will be opened and these lessons will be closed so you need to keep up. If you want your friends to also be able to access this, forward this email (see above)

Once you have learnt these tricks, make sure you use them for the rest of the week. It is the best way to cement your knowledge before you learn more.

Reminder if you need to keep the kids busy (while you are learning), we have the tools to create your own treasure hunts for them. Look at the Treasure Hunt Page

How to use

  • Download the Excel file via the link below (note this is the only place you can get the Excel file)
  • Click on each lesson below and read/ watch while you look at the matching sheet in the spreadsheet (recommend using 2 screens or watch on your phone while you work on your computer)
  • Do the exercises where relevant. Make sure you check the solution to make sure you got it right or to understand where you got it wrong.
  • NOTE: in the full course each lesson has an MCQ at the end, but this is not available in this series.
  • You can get full access to the course the normal way.

Download the Excel file (see below) and if you go to the Intermediate course page, you will see the lessons that are open (they say preview) or else use the links below.

MS Excel Intermediate Online Course- Week 10



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