New Excel Skills Assessment Website, SUM errors, Find email addresses with matching names, Scroll bars missing, Excel courses April 2023

We have started a new web site focussing on Excel Skills Assessments.

The main problem we are trying to address is what is meant by the term ‘Advanced’. For a variety of reasons this is almost a meaningless word. Anyone who attended a 1 day level 3 Excel course will claim advanced skills even though in our terminology they will be Intermediate (at best).

People also often rate themselves compared to the peers they recently worked with. This results in them under or over rating their abilities. There is no commonly acceptable rating scale.

This new site allows you to test if your user is actually at the skill level they claim and is perfect for recruitment, inter department transfers and identifying training needs where Excel is a core skill.

It also allows users to benchmark what skill level you are looking for in our terminology AND what job needs are being addressed by Excel so that the testing focuses on these areas.

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