Spreadsheet backup and archiving

Spreadsheet backup and archiving

Sarbanes Oxley spreadsheets need to be backed up and archived to ensure that it is possible to recover from loss of information and to be able to go back to a particular date to see how a calculation was performed and the inputs that were used i.e. audited.

Information relating to SoX 404 needs to be maintained for several years and the spreadsheet for each reportable event must be archived.

The first important issue is to ensure that your naming is correct so that it is clear what the spreadsheet relates to (see version control).

The spreadsheet should be saved in folders that will be regularly backed up and, after a period, archived. Speak to your IT department for assistance in this matter.

If the individual needs to perform their own backup and archiving the following is recommended.

For backup purposes you can use Microsoft Windows Briefcase feature.

For archiving you should periodically (say every quarter or 6 months) cut a CD of your spreadsheets (at the very least).

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