Switch off PQ IF Wizard, IPP Renewable Models, Copy Left to Right, Speed up Excel, 2021 Excel Training Dates

Your Personal MS Excel Skills Report (see where you are strong and weak in MS Excel and compare to your friends. You can redo it to improve your score or see how our courses have helped you. If you haven’t already done it, try it out.)

How to switch off the PowerQuery Conditional Column wizard when you want to edit a formula in the Custom Column wizard.

Upcoming Public Live and Virtual MS Excel Courses

2021 dates for our MS Excel training courses. These dates are for the public live and virtual Excel courses for Johannesburg and Cape Town (for the live- virtual can attend from anywhere).

In order to copy a cell down in Excel, there is a nifty shortcut that will only copy down as far as the last active cell it sees (so it doesn’t go all the way to row 1 000 000). However, it is not as easy if you want to copy from left to right.

An example of  recent consulting jobs we have completed.

Our featured online Excel course. Lifetime access, with skills assessment which allows you to match to the correct course.

If you have really big files that you are opening or closing and they seem to take a lot more time than you have (because they are running the calculations again), you can get Excel to just open or close without doing the recalculations 

Feedback from recent MS Excel training courses

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