YouTube SUMIFS training, RSA Tax Calculator, Automatic Pivot Date groupings, pull out slice of pie, start Excel on same cell

Continuing with our MS Excel training experiments, we have made an hour long SUMIFS video available on YouTube. You can download the follow along file direct from the YouTube description, and jump to the points you are interested in. Have a look, like and subscribe on the SUMIFS COUNTIFS AVERAGEIFS training exercises and solutions. We would love feedback on this. Do you prefer this method or the VLOOKUP method from last week?

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Learn what Excel is good at

Below some of our latest Excel tips and tricks and Excel knowledge transfer posts.

YouTube Training

We have released the following training onto our YouTube channel. These include downloads of the exercise file so that you can practice.

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Solving for Excel’s weak points

MS Excel is brilliant, but there are 2 things that you may need which Excel CANNOT do very well.

For these there is a little help:

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