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Excel 2013 Training

Reasons to Get Excited about Excel 2013 Training - To learn more about the training courses, contact us today for your Excel 2013 training needs.

Excel Formulas Training

Work More Efficiently With Excel Formulas Training - Microsoft Excel have a lot of very useful features, but what makes it such a versatile software programme, is the ability to write formulas to automate certain calculations and functions.

Excel Training Solutions Gauteng

Whether you are looking for Excel training solutions in Gauteng for an individual or a group of staff members, rest assured that we have precisely what you need at Miricle Solutions. Our courses are designed to meet with the needs of both beginners and advanced students when it comes to this particular program. By completing our assessment which is available to be downloaded from our website,

Advanced Excel Training

Microsoft Excel is undisputedly the most widely used spreadsheet software on the market and most businesses now incorporate some version of this versatile package. Not only is it being used for spreadsheets and mathematical calculations, but it also has other functions which can be very useful both at home and in the office.

Basic Excel Training

Everybody knows that nowadays it is essential to be computer literate, not only for work purposes, but also for personal use. Most households use programmes to manage their budget, to speak to friends and family on video, to send emails and to do research or play games online.

Excel Tutorial Videos

There is no denying that Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful computer programmes on the market, and knowing how to use it is almost essential nowadays. Not only does it provide the perfect platform for spreadsheets and numbers, it can also function as a database programme.

Excel Tutorials

Microsoft Excel is currently the most popular spreadsheet package on the market, and most households or businesses have used or are using this programme in various capacities.

Excel 2016 Training Courses

How Do I Find Suitable Excel 2016 Courses? Nowadays it is imperative that you know how to put together a spreadsheet, even if it is an elementary one.


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Live Training

"Recently we had a most successful in-house training session at our company. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude."

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