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Addressing Sarbanes Oxley S404 with Excel’s inbuilt tools

This article will guide you on how to address section 404 of the Sarbanes Oxley act with regards to spreadsheets, using only Excel’s built in tools. Unfortunately the built in tools do not address all the requirements of the SoX act and, depending on your reliance on spreadsheets and their potential impact, you may need to consider some specialized tools.

Pivot Tables

Many Excel users are not familiar with, or are intimidated by the pivot tables feature which Excel has to offer. This is rather unfortunate as the pivot table is one of Excel's most powerful features as it can assist a user to create professional-looking Excel documentation that they never thought possible.

Excel Automatic Sort

Let's look at what you should do, remembering that for any help, there is always us at AuditExcel, so you certainly don't need to feel frustrated or feel like giving up. Automatic sort in Excel is very handy and saves you time.


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