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Learn Advanced Excel

Here at Audit Excel we are specialists in offering expert training courses for you to learn Advanced Excel. As part of our Advanced Excel training you will gain the necessary knowledge required for the efficient of the tools and other exciting extras which this outstanding software has to offer, and so ensure your optimum use of Excel.

Spreadsheet Linking

In the business environment spreadsheet linking is a useful function that adds a lot of value to developments but also a lot of risk. The concept of spreadsheet linking can be defined as the linking of data between two or more spreadsheets in the same workbook or between workbooks.

Spreadsheet Linking

To remove the “Automatic update” pop up that shows every time you open a file that contains spreadsheet linking select Tools from the Excel toolbar, Options. Then Select the Edit tab; uncheck the “Ask to update automatic links”. Click OK, now when you start up a file the links will update automatically without requiring confirmation from you first.

CAGR Excel (Compound Annual Growth Rate)

One of Excel's most spectacular and useful features is the tool which it provides for calculating a CAGR. A CAGR measures the rate of return for an investment - such as a mutual fund or bond - over an investment period of say 5 or 10 years. The CAGR can also be referred to as a "smoothed" rate of return as it measures the growth of an investment as if it had grown at a steady rate on an annually compounded basis.

Excel Sensitivity Analysis

The Excel sensitivity analysis is used to calculate possible scenarios from which comparisons can be made. The Excel sensitivity analysis thus helps to identify what the effects on a model will be if certain factors change.

COMBIN Formula in Excel

The COMBIN formula is extremely useful as it is used to derive at a number of combinations for a specific total of items. The COMBIN formula can thus be used to get the possibilities of groups for a total number of items

Comparison Charts

Decision making is an important factor that forms part of all everyday business situations, whether the decisions are big or small they are still to be made. The bigger the risk involved in making a decision the more analysis goes in to preparing for an answer. With Excel's logical expressions it is easy to represent data from over a period of time graphically with comparison charts.


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