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Financial Planning

Microsoft Excel 2007 makes financial planning a breeze even for novice users through its interactive fluent user interface. The software takes many of the difficult and complex calculations off the hands of users.

Use Financial Modelling To Stay Organized

Organization is important for any business success. In order to be able to keep track of all your customers, money, and financial transactions, organization should be top priority for those who help to run your business.

Net Present Value

Many people as well as companies outsource all their financial work as they do not have the tools or expertise to do it self. However with the endless list of financial functions from Excel, with the help of the function wizard you will soon be able to determine net present value, internal rate of return and numerous other things.

Pie Charts

If you are using Excel in your everyday office work, you will probably be using the program for data inputs, calculations and such like but not everyone is aware of how to go about displaying the entered data graphically in the form of a pie chart for example.

Excel Internal Rate Return (IRR)

Excel Internal Rate Return or (IRR) is used commonly in the financial industry to calculate the internal rate of return. Should the IRR be higher than the discounted rate of return, then the investment can be seen as worth the capital.

Learn Advanced Excel

Here at Audit Excel we are specialists in offering expert training courses for you to learn Advanced Excel. As part of our Advanced Excel training you will gain the necessary knowledge required for the efficient of the tools and other exciting extras which this outstanding software has to offer, and so ensure your optimum use of Excel.


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