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Spreadsheet Access Controls

Access to Sarbanes Oxley spreadsheets should be controlled to ensure that only authorized staff can gain access and make changes to the spreadsheet. Ideally the spreadsheet should be stored in a folder that only allows authorized staff to access it (contact your IT department to find out which ones to use).

Excel Spreadsheet Sharing Answers

It is possible to also share your workbooks and specific spreadsheets via the Internet and email. By making use of the Google spreadsheets option you can upload an existing Excel workbook to the Internet and make it accessible to a user group.

Breakeven Analysis with Excel

Excel allows the user do a breakeven analysis through the use of the Goal Seek function. It is performed to obtain the total where the sales income is equal to the total costs.

Financial Spreadsheets

Subsequent to the Excel phenomenon spreading over the globe as the result of this program's diverse capabilities and features which it boasts, it is becoming greatly known amongst not only those with experience in Excel but also the general public, that this program can be extremely helpful when it comes to carrying out all the necessary tasks of financial management.

Excel CAGR

Congratulations for discovering Miricle Solutions, a hugely successful company that delivers expert training solutions and consulting for any company, in any industry. Yes, with Audit Excel CAGR brilliance, you can experience and benefit from financial calculation proficiency – Indeed, Excel operating brilliance!

Excel Function Wizard

The Microsoft Excel Function Wizard is ideal for quickly generating valid functions. It is a menu-driven tool with which to access all Excel’s pre-defined data analysis functions.

Advanced Excel Graphs

Advanced Excel graphs are relatively simple to use with a little assistance from an online Excel Training course. First you need to know where to go to find the different types of graphs that are available in Excel.


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