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Calculating Loan Repayments

For anyone, not just those in a business or financial setting, being able to calculate what loan repayments would be is a vital skill that can assist you with all aspects of your life, from personal finance to business finance. With the aid of the tools and functions available in Microsoft Excel you will be able to work out a host of solutions from financial to statistical and many more.

Data Cleanup

Excel is a package that is designed to make the analysis of data as convenient as possible however when you import data from another location you will often experience problems with the data and it will usually look untidy. The following data cleanup tips can help you to make your data more user-friendly.

Accounting Software

Audit Excel offers training on Microsoft Excel for use as accounting software. Small businesses often use Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet application for accounting purposes because it is so flexible and powerful. Audit Excel offers Excel training to demonstrate how versatile Excel can be when used as accounting software.

Spreadsheet Version Control

It is critical that spreadsheet version control is maintained, especially with Sarbanes Oxley spreadsheets as it is extremely easy to create new, or alternate, versions of the same spreadsheet.

Advanced Excel Courses

Before considering enrolling on advanced Excel courses it is important to evaluate your current skill level for using this software program. Advanced courses require that the trainees have a more comprehensive knowledge of the applications and functions of Excel that are over and beyond the basics or fundamentals that are covered in most beginner Excel courses.

Tracking Changes & Watch Window

Many a time there are people working on Excel who are switching between worksheets and workbooks to determine what has changed. This manner is time consuming and extremely hard work, for those still using this method its time to employ the use of the Excel watch window.

Excel Help

Here at Audit Excel we are the experts in Excel. This means that we know Excel inside and out and in turn have the specialist capabilities to really make optimum use of this outstanding software.

Excel Formulas

In this day and age, creating a financial budget for oneself is of extreme importance. This is due to the fact that prices keep rising annually as the result of inflation; making the cost of living almost unmanageable.


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