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Excel Spreadsheet Training

Dynamic Excel Spreadsheet Training for Your Business - There are many systems on the market which deals with numbers and financial control, but Microsoft Excel is by far the most widely used software for this purposes.

Microsoft Excel Training

Miricle Solutions offer all the described types of Microsoft Excel training. Find one that suits you, and once you have decided on the type of training that suits you, please contact us to book your course.

Excel 2010 Training Courses

Three Reasons Why Your Staff Should Do Excel 2010 Training Courses - A business should have the ability to operate in an efficient and effective manner.

Excel 2013 Courses

Dynamic Excel 2013 Courses for Business Success - There is a wide range of software options available for dealing with financial control, numbers and spreadsheets, but the most widely used software still remains Microsoft Excel.

Excel Courses in Gauteng

If you are looking to advance in the work place and brush up on your computer literacy skills then you can greatly benefit from attending one of our Excel courses in Gauteng.

Excel 2013 Training

Reasons to Get Excited about Excel 2013 Training - To learn more about the training courses, contact us today for your Excel 2013 training needs.

Excel Formulas Training

Work More Efficiently With Excel Formulas Training - Microsoft Excel have a lot of very useful features, but what makes it such a versatile software programme, is the ability to write formulas to automate certain calculations and functions.

Excel Training Solutions Gauteng

Whether you are looking for Excel training solutions in Gauteng for an individual or a group of staff members, rest assured that we have precisely what you need at Miricle Solutions. Our courses are designed to meet with the needs of both beginners and advanced students when it comes to this particular program. By completing our assessment which is available to be downloaded from our website,


We aim to provide the ultimate, one stop shop for all Excel users requirements, within South Africa and worldwide.

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Live Training

"Recently we had a most successful in-house training session at our company. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude."

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