2014/ 2015 La Liga predictions

2014/ 2015 La Liga predictions

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We have created a 2015 La Liga predictions spreadsheet to use in an office pool or sweepstakes. Do you think Atletico can do it again without their stars? Are Barcelona back with some bite. Real Madrid to be more consistent?

Using some clever Excel techniques we have made it possible to run a sweepstakes where people can make there predictions (easily) and then sit back and watch the results roll in.

To avoid the problem of people not wanting to enter all the results we have included a ‘Guess the Rest’ feature. So you can predict the results for the matches of your favourite teams (e.g. Atletico, Barcelona, real Madrid and Athletic) match by match. Then you can rank the teams and specify what the benefit of each team playing at home is. Then, using Excel’s RANDBETWEEN function you can guess the rest of the results and choose the final league table that makes most sense to you (watch the video clip to see how this works).

Once you have your specific predictions and the ‘Guess the Rest’ predictions you can go back and change the predictions with a Hyperlink that takes you to the correct spot.

The organiser of the spreadsheet has a master file that makes it easier to update the results and see who is leading the sweepstakes.