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2018 Six Nations Rugby Office Pools Spreadsheet

2018 Six Nations Rugby Office Pools Spreadsheet

2018 Rugby Six Nations Sweepstakes Spreadsheet 1We have just released the Rugby Office Pools Spreadsheet for the upcoming Six Nations tournament. Much like the one we created for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, it allows you to organize a sweepstakes in your office covering the tournament.

2020 Six Nations Spreadsheet now available!

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Overview on how to use it

  • Download from this page
  • Send the input sheet to all the people who want to play
    • Ask them to complete it
    • Send it back to you
  • Copy and Paste the predictions into the master file
  • DONE

Now every time you open the file during the tournament it will automatically update the latest match scores and results and update the sweepstake scores

You can watch a brief video clip of how it works below

Key Features

  • Separate templates for the organiser and participants
  • Participants predict the round robin matches and then, based on the predicted group standings, the various categories will be predicted (overall, grand slam, triple crown and wooden spoon).
  • Organiser updates the master template with all the predictions received from participants.
  • The spreadsheet will automatically update the actual scores itself when the tournament is on, direct to the spreadsheet (no need to capture them yourself!)
  • The default sweepstake scoring is as follows (you can change them if you wish as the organizer)

Rugby Six Nations Group Stages Sweepstakes scoring

    • Getting the right result irrelevant of the score (i.e. win, loss, draw)- 3 points
    • Getting team 1’s correct number of tries (e.g. you predicted 1-1 and the try count was 1-0)- 1 point
    • Getting team 2’s correct number of tries (e.g. you predicted 3-2 and the try count was 2-2)- 1 point
    • Correctly predicting a bonus point( or not) for team A tries (e.g. Team A scores 5 tries and you predicted 4 or more)- 2 points
    • Correctly predicting a bonus point( or not) for team B tries (e.g. Team B scores 2 tries and you predicted 4 or less)- 2 points
    • Predicting that the score was within 7 points and the correct losing team will get a bonus point- 2 points

Category Winners

    • Winner- 15 points
    • Your top 2 are correct but in any order- 6 points
    • Grand Slam (either a team or none)- 5 points
    • Triple Crown (either a team or none)- 4 points
    • Wooden Spoon- 10 points

The spreadsheet is built in Microsoft Excel 2016 but will work in all versions with some loss of functionality if you are using Excel 2003.

Also be aware that we can offer on site Excel based training in any of the playing nations. Send an email to if you want more information