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2018 World Cup in Russia Spreadsheet for a sweepstakes or office pool

The 2018 World Cup in Russia Spreadsheet for running an office pool or sweepstakes is now ready.

Features of the 2018 World Cup spreadsheet

Update: See all our latest fun office pool sweepstake spreadsheets for sporting events

The spreadsheet means that you can set up an office pool in the time it takes to send and receive an email from the players. Features include (see the video below or go to the detailed instructions page for more)

  • Automatically update the actual scores when the tournament is on, direct to the spreadsheet (no need to capture them yourself!)
  • Include World rankings for countries you are not familiar with. This will assist you with the comparative rankings to make better predictions for the tournament
  • Input your predictions and compare them to what actually happens
  • See the likely group winners after adjusting your predictions for the actual results.
  • Automatically addresses the tiebreaker rules for World Cup 2018 where sides on equal points.
  • Automatic update notification when new versions become available

You can see the detailed instructions on the Russia-World-Cup-2018-spreadsheet-sweepstake page. Below some highlights of what it can do.