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Advanced Excel training courses Cape Town

We will be running a public Microsoft Advanced Excel traadvanced-excel-training-courses-cape-townining course in Cape Town covering advanced Excel functions, pivot tables and graphing.

The course will be held at the Rockwell Hotel in Greenpoint. We are offering a special 10% discount for early bird bookings. The course is over 3 days but you are able to either attend all 3 days or else attend the modules that are included in the course.

  • Day 1 will cover pivot tables and graphing
  • Day 2 and 3 will cover advanced excel tools and functions

The aim of the course is to provide practical excel tips, tricks and techniques to improve how you work with data. Over the 3 days, some of the areas covered will include:

  • Reconcile accounts to identify the transactions that are missing, duplicated or different
  • Creating conditional functions i.e. if one cell says this do something specific
  • Deleting unnecessary lines from databases
  • Removing duplicate entries from lists
  • Joining excel databases together e.g. your invoice listings with your address listings
  • Convert rows into columns (easily)
  • Separate text in a cell e.g. names into first name and surname
  • Join cells together to form a single cell e.g. names, sms messages, mail merging
  • Convert dates from american style (mm/dd/yyyy) to ‘normal’ style (dd/mm/yyyy) with one or two clicks
  • Calculate the working days in a year
  • Categories lists into bands e.g. employee rankings, basket sizes, product types
  • Find the missing transaction
  • Format your reports so that the colours change (automatically) according to the results
  • Record a macro to automatically hide unnecessary rows
  • Group transaction into weeks, months, quarters, years
  • and much much more

For full contents look at the Cape Town Advanced Microsoft Excel course page