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AE News: Alumni Reward, spider charts, extract text from the last #-/, look for current month and year, training budgets

Alumni Reward, spider charts, extract text from the last #-/, look for current month and year, training budgets

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Online Course Available

Below the online courses we currently offer. Use these to top up your CPD points!


Next Excel Courses

Email us if you need more details or visit the calendar page

Alumni Reward

If you have previously attended one of our live courses you qualify for a reward on the online training. We will send it out shortly to the people we have listed but if you have attended, reply to this mail and we will send the details.

Extracting text after the last #\-

An easy method to determine how many delimiters there are and extracting only after the last one (or any other number)  Read more

IF the Month and Year match …

How to check if the month and year of a date match the current month and year…   Read more

Comparing data with a spider graph

A good way to compare multiple aspects of a project or any data is the spider chart…   Read more

radar chart for comparison charts

How to use the new online courses

Instructions on how to use the new online Excel training course. We will be launching modules of the live courses over the next few months. Read More

Excel Skills Assessment

Did you know that our Excel Skills Assessment is now being used by overseas companies to assess their entire workforce? Read More

Cleaning up Data in Excel

We have recently launched our new online course covering cleaning up data in Excel. Taking material out of the live 3 day course we have specifically targeted this course at people who regularly receive spreadsheets from different systems and need to rework it.

Areas covered in the course include

Example of filling in the gaps