AE NEWS: Happy New Year, Dilbert’s Take on Spreadsheets, What do you need to know, linking to non adjacent cells

Welcome to, and a Happy New Year to you.

If you have made a New Years resolution to spend less time on work by working smarter then we will help you, and it looks like Dilbert will be providing sarcastic comment!

In this issue:

Next Excel Courses

Email us if you need more details or visit the calendar page

Linking to non adjacent cells

So you need to create a summary section that links to non adjacent cells. Instead of manual clicking on each cell use this trick to link to all of them at once Read more

What do you need to know in Excel

Excel is so broad that it is impossible to learn everything. Rather focus on what will help you in your current role.   Read more

Dilbert’s take on Spreadsheets

Dilbert seems to have started the year with a number of spreadsheet related problems. Understand what we can learn from this great business cartoon.     Read more

How to use the new online courses

Instructions on how to use the new online Excel training course. We will be launching modules of the live courses over the next few months. Read More

Excel Skills Assessment

Did you know that our Excel Skills Assessment is now being used by overseas companies to assess their entire workforce? Read More

Online Course Available

Below the online courses we currently offer. Use these to top up your CPD points!