AE News: Protecting spreadsheet cells and files, reviewing protected formula, saving when there is ‘Not Enough System Resources to Display Completely’

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Training Dates

Tips and Tricks

How to use our new online courses

Which Excel Course Should YOU Do

One of the biggest difficulties with Excel courses is which one is correct for you, specifically based on the type of work you do in Excel.

You can already assess what your skill level is on this site, but what are the most important things to learn to help YOU in YOUR job (as there are so many things you can learn in Excel).

This questionnaire asks you to rate how often you have to perform 20 typical Excel tasks (should take less than 15 minutes to complete) and then tells you which live and online courses you should do.

As it is still in Beta, please give it time to open up and provide us with feedback on its usefulness.  Read more

Excel Training Courses in Durban and Cape Town

We have booked the following dates for a 3 day Advanced Excel course in Durban and Cape Town.

  • Durban- 16th-18th May 2016,
  • Cape Town- 13th-15th June 2016

Please contact us if you are interested.  Request Info

Upcoming Excel Courses- JHB


  •  In House courses
    • Whenever it is convenient for you.
    • Over suitable time periods (e.g. half days)
    • Customised to suit your requirements based on what YOU do with Excel
    • Reply to this email for more details

Email us if you need more details or visit the calendar page


The different ways to protect Excel spreadsheets

The various options with regards protecting spreadsheets, cells and content       Read More

How to review formula in a protected sheet

When you receive a spreadsheet with sheet protection, you suddenly can’t use some of the great tools to understand what the formula is doing. This is a compromise to make it a bit easier Read More

Saving your work when the ‘Not Enough System Resources to Display Completely’ is stopping you

You’ve done all the work and just as you are going to save, you get the error message that there is ‘Not Enough System Resources to Display Completely’. You click OK but it comes straight back and you are worried you have lost all your work.  Read More

Import Scanned PDF into Excel

Do you need to get PDF’s into Excel, sometimes ones that are scanned and a bit skew?    Read more


How to use the online courses

Instructions on how to use the new online Excel training course. We will be launching more modules of the live courses over the next few months. Read More

Online Course Available

Below the online courses we currently offer with the South African costs. To get an invoice in Rands please email us with what you want and we will send the invoice (only available for South African residents- foreigners need to use the credit card system unless you can pay via SWIFT)

Course ZAR (incl VAT)
Pivot Tables Course– NEW R700
Auditing a Spreadsheet NEW R0
Excel Fundamentals R0
Cleaning up Data using Excel R700
PowerPivot R700
WhatIf Analysis R160


Online Pivot Table Course

Our Pivot Table course is now available online. Have a look at the topics.   Read more


Updated Excel Skills Assessment Reports

We have updated the reports we provide for your skills assessments. You can now not only see the overall score, but also your score per area and compare them to typical scores. If you already have a skills score (if you have a number next to your name above) then simply reply and we will send you the updated report.

If you don’t have a skills score, now is the time to find out what you don’t know and do something about it. Read More


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