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AE News:Christmas Present, Confidential Pivot Data, Source and Use Graph

Christmas Present, Confidential Pivot Data, Source and Use Graph

Just a quick note to thank you for a great year (our best yet) and wishing you a blessed and ‘Excel’ lent year. A suggestion for your New Year’s resolution is to learn more about how Excel can halve your workday (present below to help with this).

In this issue:

Online Course Available (Christmas Present)

Below the online courses we currently offer. Use these to top up your CPD points!


Next Excel Courses

Email us if you need more details or visit the calendar page

Remove confidential data from a Pivot Table

When you send a Pivot Table, whether you like it or not, you are sending all the underlying data as well. What if you don’t want to send the details?  Read more

Sources and uses Graph

If you build financial models, you may need to explain the sources and uses of funds. You can show this graphically   Read more

Copying a formula so that the references don’t change

By default Excel uses relative referencing to copy and paste formula. Sometimes you just want the formula without it changing where it looks    Read more

How to use the new online courses

Instructions on how to use the new online Excel training course. We will be launching modules of the live courses over the next few months. Read More

Excel Skills Assessment

Did you know that our Excel Skills Assessment is now being used by overseas companies to assess their entire workforce? Read More