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Alternate between excel sheets

Alternate between excel sheets

Below is a work around of how to alternate between excel sheets. This is different from how to move from one sheet to another with keyboard short cuts.

To do a normal move between sheets you can hold the CTRL key down and use the Page Up and Page Down keys. Page Up would move you to the left and Page Down would move you to the right. If you keep pushing either one, you will continue to move in that direction i.e. if you push CTRL + Page Up 3 times you will move 3 sheets to the left.

However, if you want to alternate between sheets, i.e. when I click once I move from Sheet 1 to sheet 2 and when I push the same button it goes back to Sheet 1 you need to use another technique.

A option could be the GOTO box.

  • Click on the first sheet
  • Either find a cell that links to the sheet you want to alternate between or create a link to the sheet (in a blank cell type = and click on the other sheet).
  • Click Enter
  • Move back to the cell you just entered the formula in
  • Either
    • use the Auditing Toolbar and trace precedent, double click on the dashed line and follow the link to the cell, or
    • click CTRL + [
  • Now you can click F5 and immediately hit enter, and each time you do it, you will alternate between the 2 sheets

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