Alternates to face to face training and consulting

With the recent COVID-19 restrictions a number of clients have, or are considering, moving away from the face to face training for the next few weeks. Below some of the alternates to face to face training and consulting.

Online Material with all delegates sitting in the same room

Not planned as a result of COVID-19, but a client in Durban wanted to do the Intermediate online course but in a formal structure i.e. they scheduled 2 days when all participants would sit in a boardroom and do the online training. Each person had a headset and they completed the training at their own pace. This way they could help each other where required and also have dedicated time to do the course.

Online material with a remote facilitator for questions

As above, all delegates got access to the online training material and sat in the same room for a set period (2 days), but we were available remotely to address any questions. The Q&A was via Microsoft Teams.

Online Material with remote facilitator but delegates at their desks

As above in that the material is the online material, the difference was that all delegates did it from their own desks. They could have done it from home, but a set time was set up for delegates to go through the material. With questions they would notify the facilitator and then we would assist.

Inhouse Facilitator playing our recommended video clips, us supporting remotely

In the DRC a client needed Excel training but due to inconsistent internet they needed all material to be onsite. We provided the training material and a facilitator (one of the inhouse staff- not an excel expert) would play the correct video clip at the correct time to all the delegates sitting in a training room. Delegates would then do their exercises and the facilitator would help with these exercises (the facilitators attended one of our live courses previously)

In the current environment, this would be supplemented with us being available remotely for questions and the facilitator would just need to play the correct videos at the correct time.

Our suggestions

If any of these are of interest to you, contact us at .

What we will recommend is the following:

  • Get all staff to do the free MS Excel Skills Assessment. If you need it for a group, ask us for a custom link so that we can provide you with a group wide report. The custom link is also free, it just helps us report back on a group.
  • Based on this report, we will be able to tell you who needs which course. You can then decide if you want to group delegates (if they will be watching the video clips together) or if you just want to provide the most appropriate course to each delegate and they do it themselves with facilitator help.
  • If you need a remote facilitator we just need to agree dates as the facilitator is then booked out just for you for those days.

You can also contact us on the number at the top of the page to discuss.