AND and OR functions

A visitor asked:

Adrian, I’m struggling unsuccessfully with the following problem, (not winning)

This has to do with comparing 3 sets of columns and the variable, differing answers.

UPDATE: see a detailed explanation on the Compare 3 cells in Excel blog post

The Columns are: S,T,U are being compared to columns X,Y,Z
S is compared to X
T is compared to Y
U is compared to Z

Ideally, if you can figure this out for me please, it would be neat to get the answers, in A same single cell.
If not possible, I quit……

If  S,T,U, are Less than than X,Y,Z,     (answer expressed as “PPP”).
If S>X=”M”, T<Y=”P”, & U<Z=”P”          (answer is expressed as “MPP”)
If  S>X =”M”, T>Y=”M”, & U<Z=”P”        (answer is expressed as “MMP”)

If the S,T,U are GREATER than X,Y,Z,  (answer expressed as “MMM”.
If  S<X=”P”, T<Y=”P”, & U>Z=”M”        (answer is expressed as “PPM”)
If S<X=”P”, T>Y=”M”, & U>Z=”M”        (answer is expressed as “PMM”)
Lastly, if possible, (coz this is number 7, right?) If either OR, X,Y,Z, is greater than S,T,U by greater than 60%, the answer is expressed as= “X”

Is this too much for Excell?
What’s the 2nd best option?
Hope you can help me.

The question is a bit unclear but from what we see you should be using the AND and OR commands. See how to use them on . Hope this helps, otherwise it is better to send a spreadsheet.