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Annual Planning Calendar in Excel

As a Christmas gift we have provided an Annual Planning Calendar to our loyal subscribers.

The calendar allows you to capture up to 5 events per day in portrait style and then print out any section of the dates in calendar style (days of week left to right with the appropriate date). Some high level instructions for the tool.

Setup what you want to treat as a weekend and enter public or company holidays

The first thing you must do is setup the calendar for your weekends and other holidays.

  • On the Calendar Setup sheet, click on the Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 dropdown and choose which days will be treated as weekends (on the calendar they will be a different colour). You can choose any day of the week or the N/A option if you only want to have 1 or no weekend days.
  • Under the list of holidays enter the dates of your holidays. We have entered the South African public holidays for 2017 but you can overwrite these. They don’t have to be in order. You should include other days that may not be public holidays but perhaps your company doesn’t work then e.g. between Christmas and New Years. They will also appear as a different colour.

Annual Year Planner in Excel

Enter the Events on a daily basis

On the next sheet (Inputs), you can enter all your events/ actions/ plans etc.

First enter a start date in cell A7. This should only be entered once as we have provided 5 years worth of dates. Just scroll down and enter the new items in later dates. This way when you get to the reports you can actually look back into history to see what happened over a particular period.

In the columns B to F, enter the actions. We have allowed for 5 actions per day.

Annual Year Planner in Excel

View/ Print the Calendar

Now you can go to the sheet ‘Monday to Sunday View’ and choose which period you want to view/ print.

As shown below, in cell G2 you would enter the date you want to see the report from. If you choose a date on a Monday it will be the first day. If it is another day of the week it will appear in the appropriate place in the first week.

Your entries from the ‘Inputs’ sheet will appear here. When you change the date in G2 it will pull through the matching entries for the period.

Annual Year Planner in Excel

Enjoy. If you have any other suggestions please mail us.

Download the Annual Planning Calendar (password required from newsletter)

If you are not a subscriber, subscribe below to get access to the Annual Planning Excel Spreadsheet