Arrange windows side by side- Excel & PDF

A non Excel tip which we think helps a lot with Excel use is quick ways to arrange windows side by side of any open programs. So for example if you have a pdf document that you want to compare with your Excel spreadsheet. With the recent versions of Excel you can also use it to put 2 spreadsheets side by side (see YouTube video clip below).

You could manually minimize the windows and then re size and place them. However, you can also simply use the Windows button on your keyboard (shown below- normally close to your ALT button)


While on the window (say the pdf document) you can click the Windows button and the left arrow and the window will re-size to half the screen and move to the left. If you choose another window (say the Excel window) and click the Windows button and the right arrow it will re-size and fill half the screen and move right.


Another interesting Windows shortcut is clicking the Windows button and the Tab button. You get a nice 3D view of the open windows and by clicking on the Tab button while holding the Windows button down


Don’t confuse this with arranging spreadsheets side by side. This can be done inside Excel under the VIEW tab (Arrange All).

YouTube- arranging workbooks/ worksheets side by side

Multiple Excel Windows