Audit Excel Newsletter: Pastel and Excel working together, South African Tax Table- March 2014

Excel Newsletter: Pastel and Excel working together, South African Tax Tables

In this issue:

Waterfall Chart Creation in Excel

We have developed an easy way to create a waterfall chart (also known as a bridge or McKinsey chart) in Excel. With this template you will be able to explain movements in key numbers like budgets and it includes the added benefit of being able to categorise the reasons. See more

Budgeting with Excel

Best ways to use Excel for your budgeting and forecasting needs. Learn how to consolidate multiple budget and compare actuals to forecasts Read more

Excel for HR

Custom built courses for particular areas e.g. HR. Learn how to better manage your HR and Payroll issues. Read more

Part Time Excel Courses

Via the online training courses you can learn all about Excel in the comfort of your own home, at any time convenient to you! Read more

South African Tax Calculator 2014/ 2015

A free download that allows you to capture salary details to see what the taxes will be for next year.

You are also able to compare to last year’s tax tables to see if you are better or worse off. Read more

This Month’s New Tips and Tricks

Free Skills Assessment

If you know of anyone who wants to improve their Excel skills, please tell them that we have created an online version of the Excel Skills questionnaire where you can get an indicative score with only 5 questions.

Next Excel Courses

Email us if you need more details or visit the calendar page

Convert a PDF into Excel

A common problem is how to convert a document in pdf format into a workable Excel file.

Spreadsheet Auditing

A tool to easily review and audit spreadsheets.

Management Dashboards

See the products we offer on creating meaningful dashboards and management accounts

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