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AuditExcel sponsors the Financial Modelling in Excel Meetup Group in South Africa

We recently held our first Meetup group for South Africa. If you don’t know what Meetup is, it is a site to arrange ‘meetups’ for like minded people. In this case it is for everyone who¬†loves all things Excel and Financial Models in particular.

Our next Meetup is on 15th Nov 2016 at Stanlib. The presentation will include free talks on:

  • Financial Modelling Best Practice, and
  • the¬†intricacies in project finance modelling.

In order to attend, you need to join the group.

Invite to the next Financial Modelling in Excel Meetup

See some more details on the upcoming meetup

Financial Modelling in Excel Meetup

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2016, 6:00 PM

17 Melrose Boulevard, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg Johannesburg, ZA

58 Modellers Went

Hi AllJoin us for our next meetup where we will be discussing best practice financial modelling, intricacies in project finance modelling and for a few drinks and snacks!Matthew and Adrian

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Join the Financial Modelling in Excel Meetup Group

Join the group to be able to attend.

Financial Modelling in Excel Meetup – Johannesburg

Johannesburg, ZA
393 Modellers

Learn, live, love, breathe Financial Modelling in Excel! This group originally started as a spin-off from the very popular LinkedIN Financial Modelling in Excel online forum w…

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