Benefits of excel training

Benefits of Excel Training

An interesting article by Joshua Hardwick highlights the benefits of excel training within an organisation to promote enhanced productivity and efficiency. His point about organisations focusing on increasing productivity via  apps for phones and tablets while missing the easy fix of improving staff’s use of Excel is very valid.

We often find that organisation in South Africa are very effective until it comes to month end when it takes days to convert their data into meaningful information, often as a result of poor use of their spreadsheets and lack of understanding of what Excel can do, and the best way to do it.

As an example, organisations often get staff to manually match up lists due to names being slightly different, yet the tools exist in Excel to match these. Furthermore, the lack of Pivot Table use means that reports that should take minutes to compile often take hours. Even a simple task such as cleaning up data from a database takes longer then it should with poor Excel use.

In the training we provide, the focus is on these practical uses of Excel. Rather than changing the tools, teach your staff to properly use the tools they have. For more information about the Excel training we offer in South Africa, send an email to .