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Cannot find CSV in PowerPivot

If you are using PowerPivot in Excel you may be trying to import a csv file and find that when you browse for it, you cannot find it. If you cannot find csv in PowerPivot the chances are you either

  • haven’t selected the correct import type, or
  • haven’t changed the file type.

To import a CSV file you need to go into PowerPivot, go to the Home Ribbon, choose ‘From Other Sources’ and choose the text option at the bottom as shown below.


The other common problem is that users forget to change the type of file you are searching for. When you are browsing to the file, by default PowerPivot is searching for Flat files (.txt). If you are rather looking for either a Tab Separated File (.tab) or Comma Separated File (.csv) you need to change the file type as shown below


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