Change Excel Save screen back to original

With the recent updating of Excel the way MS Excel saves has changed slightly and there is a new screen that appears before the save option that we prefer to use. You can switch this off if you want so that you can change Excel Save screen back to original method.

YouTube Change Excel Save screen back to classic

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Backstage Screen in MS Excel

After the recent update, Excel is now showing this screen when you want to save a file. We prefer that it does straight to the normal navigation window where we can (more easily) save the file where we want.

Change Excel Save screen back to original

Change the Default Save option in MS Excel

In order to change this you need to go into FILE and then EXCEL OPTIONS. As shown below, go to the SAVE option and tick the ‘Don’t show the Backstage when opening or saving files with keyboard shortcuts’.

When you have this ticked, it will revert to this screen and then go into your normal Windows Explorer.

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