Copy Excel sheet that is protected (and you cannot click on all cells)

If you have an Excel spreadsheet that is setup with password protection AND in such a way that you cannot click on all the cells i.e. you can only click on the input cells but not highlight a number of cells, you can use this trick to be able to copy the Excel sheet that is protected into another sheet.

Cannot select cells/ range of cells because sheet protected

As shown below, it is not possible to select/ copy the yellow cells as password protection has been put on so that the user cannot select the locked cells (see how to do this on our Protect Excel spreadsheets page). The inputs (blue cells) can be selected and copied, but you cannot copy the full range (or highlight the entire sheet for that matter)

Selecting cell range on a protected sheet

You cannot click on the protected cells but you can tell Excel to highlight them in another way. As shown below, in the cell name box, type the range you want with a : between. So below we typed A1:G10 and clicked enter. As a result that area was highlighted even though you cannot click on the yellow cells with your mouse.

Copy Excel sheet that is protected

You can copy it (CTRL + C) and paste it onto another sheet.