Copy table from email to excel problems

Copy table from email to excel

Coping a  table from email to excel should be a relatively simple procedure. However, we encountered a problem recently and think we have the reason but not a solution.

In our situation we receive an email with the Excel skills Assessment answers and we copy and paste the table into our scoring spreadsheet. We do this  by highlighting the table in the Outlook message, copying it and moving over to Excel to paste it into a designated area.

However, we found that occasionally the paste resulted in an extra (or missing) line which meant that all the formulas would look at the wrong line after a certain point.

We believe the problem relates to the sizing on the email message (not sure why this would be though).

When we are in full screen mode (for the email message) it creates more lines than in a minimised version. Not sure what the reason is but at least we now know that we must keep the email size the same when copying and pasting from outlook to excel if we want the formulas to work consistently.