Copying email addresses from outlook to excel

Copying email addresses from outlook to excel

Copying email addresses from Outlook to Excel can be a bit harder then it should be. It all depends how it looks after the paste from Outlook (or other email package) into Excel.

If you are trying to take a list of email addresses in the To line into Excel you may experience the following problems:

  • All the names and emails addresses appear in one column divided by something like a semi colon (;)
  • The email addresses are next to the names but are inside some brackets ( AN Other <> )
  • or both of the above

All Names and Email addresses appear in one Excel Column

Occasionally this happens, and it is in a row and you want it to be in a column. Two steps are required being:

  • Get all the email addresses to be in their own cells- you can do this using the Text to Columns tool and splitting them based on whatever differentiated one email from another. This is typically a semi colon (;)
  • Once you have everything in their own cells you may prefer that it appears as a list instead of across a row.
  • For this you can use the Transpose function

This may be sufficient for you but perhaps you are left with something like this

AN Other <>

in a cell where you need the name and the email address to be in their own columns

Separating the names from the email addresses

There are a couple of ways of doing this.

The easiest way, if you have Excel 2013 or higher is to use the Flash Fill Option.

The second way would be to use the Text to Columns feature again, splitting the cells based on the “<“. This would work but would leave you with an email address with a “>” at the end. You can use a find and replace to replace the “>” with nothing.

Another way would be to use a combination of FIND, LEFT, RIGHT, and MID to separate the names form the email addresses.