CPD Courses- Gauteng

Based on our presentation to CPD Courses – Gauteng (see photos on Google+ or Facebook), below are the links to the appropriate video clips and downloads mentioned during the presentations, and the additional material provided.

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CPD Courses Presentation Links

As per the presentation, below the numbers relating to the parts of the course that may have interested you and a few more.

Advanced Excel Functions
  1. Auditing Toolbar– a tool to help you follow the logic of a formula
  2. IF function and how to use it– a very important formula for creating conditions within a formula e.g. IF a tax payer is older than 65 do this otherwise that

General Excel Tips and Tricks

  • 3- Grouping– Grouping columns and rows so that you can drill down into more detail or view only a summary e.g. annual versus monthly details
  • 4- Navigating Excel Cells– how to quickly move around cells and jump between ranges of cells
  • 5- Entering Dates and Times– shortcut to putting a date and time stamp onto an Excel file
  • 6- Viewing multiple windows– for comparing different spreadsheets including how to view two sheets from the same spreadsheet at the same time
  • 7- Show Formula– how to see all the underlying formula or to see the numbers being referred to by the formulas
  • 8- Writing Paragraphs– Tricks in getting paragraphs of text to fit into the columns
  • 9- Status Bar for Quick info– get a quick sum, average, count, max and min of a group of cells without calculations
  • 10- Watch Window– watch one part of a spreadsheet while you work on another e.g. watch the total tax liability while you capture the income statement
  • 11- Text to speech– get excel to read out lists of numbers for you to compare to a document

12- Cleaning up Data– Quick way to remove unwanted rows from a data dump from a client

13- Removing Duplicate Entries– new tool for removing duplicate entries in an Excel database

14- Tax Calculator Download– a free download for the latest personal tax tables

15- Calculate the working days between 2 dates– inbuilt function for determining the number of WORKING days between 2 dates

16- Data Validation– how to create drop down lists for use in templates

17- Transpose Cells from Rows into Columns or Columns into Rows– Easily converting rows into columns and columns into rows

18- Pivot Table introduction– quick introduction into Excel most powerful and important tool

19- Protecting cells in a spreadsheet– how to protect certain cells in a spreadsheet to avoid accidental (or malicious) changes

20- Goalseek to find the best answer– Lets Excel determine what the profit needs to be to achieve a certain level of tax

This and more is available in the training courses we offer. In House courses are also available. Contact adrian@AuditExcel.co.za for more information